South Williamsport, PA Auto Batteries

Hurwitz Batteries LLC

Hurwitz Batteries LLC is your North Central, PA source for batteries. We carry Deka batteries that are made in PA, powered for performance, and 100% recyclable.  The batteries go through 250 quality control checks. 

Our Batteries And Products Include:

  • Automotive batteries
  • Commercial and fleet batteries 
  • Marine and RV batteries 
  • AGM absorbed glass mat technology
  • Motorcycle and ATV batteries
  • Jet ski batteries 
  • Snowmobile batteries
  • Farm tractor batteries
  • Lawn and garden tractor batteries
  • Emergency lighting and system batteries
  • Chargers, booster pacs, cables, terminal ends
  • Holddowns, battery cleaner and protector spray
  • Battery cleaner and protector spray
  • Other accessories

    Contact Hurwitz Batteries LLC
    today at 570-323-7947, or browse the website for more information about car wash and detailing supplies or other products.

Auto Batteries - Hurwitz Batteries LLC - South Williamsport, PA

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