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Take advantage of FREE alternator and battery testing for your vehicles. Looking for help to dispose your lead acid batteries? Approach us now, we do it FREE for you.

You don't have to deal with frequent battery failures anymore! Choose and invest in reliable and high quality batteries for your vehicle. Our batteries go through 250 quality control checks. Reach out to us for your battery supplies.


Your batteries will have a nationwide warranty

Allow us to service all of your battery needs

Hurwitz Batteries are exclusive distributors of Deka batteries made in PA. Call now


  • Automotive batteries

  • Commercial and fleet batteries

  • Marine and RV batteries

  • AGM absorbed glass mat technology

  • Motorcycle and ATV batteries

  • Jet ski batteries

  • Snowmobile batteries

  • Farm tractor batteries

  • Lawn and garden

         tractor batteries

  • Emergency lighting and

         system batteries

  • Chargers, booster packs, cables, terminal ends

  • Holdowns, battery cleaner and protector spray

  • SLA Batteries

  • Alkaline and coin cells

  • Other accessories

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